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We want your experience to be smooth and hassle free. Here's what to bring to the dealership to speed you on your way:


If you are an employee - 2 most recent paycheck stubs

If you are self-employed - last 2 months bank statements

If you are on fixed income - SSI benefits letter (dated within 30 days), Deposit Slips


Bring one of the follwoing. Must show your name, correct address, service address for PO boxes, and be dated with the last 45 days:

Electric Bill, Cell Phone Bill, Gas Bill, Water Bill, Garbage Bill, Cable Bill, Bank Statement (mailed), Credit Card Bill, Mortgage Statement


(if applicable)

Please bring one of the following. *Account must be opened for at least 30 days.

Bank Statement (mailed or stamped and signed branch print-out), Online PDF version statement, Paystub showing direct deposit


Provide six (6) complete references.

First & Last Name, Phone Number, Address, City, State, Zip, Relationship to You

OTHER If you have filed for bankruptcy: We will need to have a copy of your discharge letter (Chapter 7) or 341 meeting or letter from your trustee stating what monthly payment you are allowed (Chapter 13)


Some documents can serve multiple purposes.

For example, if you bring a bank statement that was mailed to your house, it may be able to prove Residence & Bank.